Helaxe stamp

HELAXE IN 3 steps

Make a reservation if you want your own lane. One lane can accommodate up to four people and you can reserve several lanes if you have a larger group. The minimum reservation time is 60 minutes. There’s a short safety brief and intro before you can start throwing.

01 Getting started


The starting player is decided by rock-paper-scissors (best out of three).

Players get three practice throws before the first competition throws of the day. 

Players get one practice throw before any consecutive competitions. 

After the practice throw competitors bump axes to show that the competition is beginning.

02 Competition


Official competitions have three rounds of five throws each.

The winner is the competitor who wins the most rounds. In official competitions all three rounds are completed even if one of the competitors wins the first two. 

If a competitor wins one round and the two after that are draws, he/she is the winner. 

If both competitors win one round and two rounds are draws, the competition is a draw. 

If there is a draw after three rounds, the competition is decided by a competition of accuracy. 

03 Scoring


Scoring areas
Black Ring / Bulls Eye 5p
Red Ring 3p
Blue Ring 1p
Green Dots (Clutch) 7p

Clutch / Green Dots
The player must call out that he/she is trying for a Clutch (Green Dot) BEFORE the throw by saying “Calling Clutch / Call Clutch”. If a Clutch is hit without being called, no points are awarded. In official games only the last throw of a five throw string can be thrown at the Clutch. 

No points are awarded for hitting any other scoring area when a Clutch has been called. 

Interpreting the Score
Points are scored from the part of the axe blade imbedded in the target. When the blade breaks a line between two scoring areas, the score with more of the axe blade is awarded. The line separating scoring areas is considered to be part of the higher scoring area.

When a Clutch is called the score is awarded if any part of the blade breaks the Clutch.